The 7th batch MSP students paid a courtesy visit to the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

27 December, 2021

Five 7th batch students of the Maritime Safety and Security Policy Program (MSP) visited to Minister Saito of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism on Friday, December 24th 2021, in the presence of Commandant Okushima of the Japan Coast Guard.  They are two from Bangladesh, two from Sri Lanka, and one from Japan.

During the courtesy call, the students gave a greeting by introducing themselves, and telling their current activities and enthusiasm for future.  After the encouragement from Minister Saito was given, commemorative photos were taken.

The students said, "Three months have passed since the program started.  Everyday we are tackling with a lot of tasks and cold weather.  However, we are also building a relationship of trust.  We will continue to devote ourselves so that we can report the completion of the program next year.”

Minister Saito gave words of encouragements, "It is encouraging to hear your enthusiasm for the program.  This program aims to strengthen and stabilize the maritime order not by power but by laws and rules.  Through one year of education, you will deepen your understanding about the maintenance of maritime order based on international laws, the rule of law and freedom of navigation.  It is very important and significant to foster mutual understanding and promote exchanges among maritime security agencies in Asian countries.  I think it is very difficult to study in a place of unfamiliar environment and customs, but I hope that you will help each other to overcome the difficulties together, and foster true friendship and bonds that will become a lifetime asset.”

With the encouragement of Minister Saito, the students reaffirmed the significance of participating in this program and vowed that all of them would grow a lot and complete the program.

In April 2022, they are moving to Hiroshima, the hometown of Minister Saito.  They will learn advanced practical and applied knowledge about maritime security and safety policy at the Japan Coast Guard Academy in Kure City and will also continue to work hard on their research.

(*They took off face masks only during the taking of photos.)

Courtesy call
Courtesy call
Commemorative photo
Commemorative photo